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What happens when a girl who just can't keep a secret meets the most famous kid in America?

Hiding Out at the Pancake Palace by Nan Marino

“Pop cuture, Pineland's folklore, the power of music and the short-lived nature of secrets are the ingredients of this satisfying story . . . [The] audience will eat it up.”
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“"Put this book in the hands of both the girls who follow every moment of the latest teen celebrity's life and the quiet boys and girls who stand on the sidelines, listening for their song.”
School Library Journal, starred review

“"...a funny, heartwarming story about discovering who you are and what really matters.”
Jack and Jill Magazine

“Marino has written a simple but beautiful story about love and honesty, music and acceptance.”
Book Page

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“It is rare to have a story told with sympathy from the viewpoint of a bully. This debut novel, set in upstate New York in the summer of 1969, does just that with wit and a light touch that never denies the story's sorrows.”
Starred, Booklist

“Marino paints a detailed portrait of the seeming gulf that surrounds a person after loss and the surprising companionship one discovers in the face of desolation.”
Starred, School Library Journal

“A lovingly portrayed look at life during a memorable time in American history; it deserves to be on your child's summer reading list.”
Book Page

“Marino's novel brings a true voice to the pre-teenage girl of the 1960s. Tamara is both lovable and naïve, yet Marino creates a strong young woman who is set in her principles and unrelenting in achieving justice during a historic summer in America.”
ALAN Online

“Marino, in her debut, pulls off the neat trick of having created a sullen, feisty protagonist who is worthy of redemption.”
Publisher's Weekly

“The authenticity of the time and the voice combine with a poignant plot to reveal a depth unusual in such a straightforward first-person narrative.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Tamara's story isn't finished by any means, but at least she's made some important steps, crossed some hurdles, and gotten over herself a little. Few adults would be able to say so much. An amazing debut and a remarkable novel.”
Fuse #8

“Ring the ice cream bells, because Nan Marino's book is yummy!”
Melissa, Grade 5

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